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Welcome to your Smart Hotel & Smart Tourism

Smart Solutions to improve and digitalize processes for hotels & destinations

Manage your hotels from anywhere

Manage your hotels from anywhere

Control what's going on in your hotel, energy consumption, swimming pool quality, customer satisfaction, cleaning service, ambient quality, etc.

A Suite of Smart Solutions to improve your processes, anticipate events and give your customers a better service.

No expensive installations or big changes

IoTNet and Sapiens can be deployed without adding or changing any existing infrastructure. They can also be integrated with your existing systems. We offer simple over the top solutions that are cost effective anywhere in the world.

No expensive installations or big changes

Our first Smart Hotel

During 2018 we will present our first Smart Hotel.
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Smart Solutions for Smart Hotel & Smart Tourism

See IoT Store

Service includes

Configuration & Installation of sensors

Integration with the communication network

Repair or replacement of sensors

Your control panel

Support and maintenance of Sapiens

Solutions updates and improvements

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